Prices updated 03/20/2023 and are subject to change.

Prices posted here are for general information. Please contact the clinic for more pricing information or to request a detailed estimate.


Cats: $110 (3lbs – 30lbs)


3lbs – 25lbs = $150
26lbs – 49lbs = $160
50lbs – 80lbs = $180
81lbs – 99lbs = $200
100+lbs = $250 *

*Prices may increase with the size and difficulty of the procedure.


Cats: $75 (3lbs – 30lbs)


3lbs – 25lbs = $135
26lbs -49lbs = $150
50lbs -80lbs = $170
81lbs – 99lbs = $190
100lbs+ = $240 *

*Prices may increase with the size and difficulty of the procedure.


Umbilical hernia repair  +$45+
Detached dewclaw removal  $30 each
Feline cryptorchid +$35+
Canine inguinal cryptorchid +$35+
Canine abd. cryptorchid +$100+
Feline De-Claw – $535
De-claw procedure +$250+

+ indicates price will increase with size and difficulty of procedure. Surgeries must be dropped off between 8:00am – 9:00am the day of surgery. They should not eat 10-12 hours prior to drop-off; water is okay. General good health is required. Pre-surgical lab work is required on any pet 7 years and older. We must have proof that your pet is up to date on their rabies vaccination. If your pet is due for a rabies vaccine (or we do not have prior records showing they are up to date) we will examine them and administer a rabies vaccination which will incur the exam fee and rabies vaccine fee. For new patients, there will be an additional exam fee to establish a doctor-patient relationship.
All surgeries include a 24-hour NSAID injection and three days of pain medication to continue at home.


Scheduled Exam$53
Walk-in Exam$63
Tech Appointment$17


Rabies 1/3 Year$20/25

Dog Vaccines

DHPP 1/3 Year$20/25
DHPP + Lepto 1/3 Year$30/35
CIV (Canine Influenza)$35

Cat Vaccines

FVRCP 1/3 Year$20/25


Tri-heart (Dog – Heartworm) – All sizes
Single Dose$10
6 months$54
12 months$108
Trifexis (Dog – Heartworm and Flea)
Single Dose$24
6 Months$138
12 Months$276
Advantage Multi (Heartworm and Flea)
6 Months$114/120
12 Months$220/240
Bravecto (Flea and Tick)
Dog Chew (single = 3 months)$67
Cat 3 month topical$62
Bravecto Plus (Cat – Heartworm, Flea, and Tick)
2 month topical$45

Other services

Toenail Trim$17.25
Ear Cleaning$17.25
Pyrantel/Panacur Deworming$10
Profender Cat Deworming$20
Previous Record Review$30
Written Prescription/Rx$10

Lab Work

Ear cytology$30
Skin Scraping$30
HW test – In house$42.50
FeLV/FIV test – In house$45
Cytology (FNA – In house)$40
Preanesthetic Blood Work – Day of$115
Annual Wellness Lab$80
Young Wellness Lab$170
Senior Wellness Lab – Dog/cat
*We have multiple lab options.

Radiology & Ultrasound

4 Views$150
Radiology Interpretation by specialist$100+
Echocardiogram OR Abdominal Ultrasound by specialist$500
Echocardiogram AND Abdominal Ultrasound by specialist$700