This is a great time to microchip ($25) your pet!


Cats: $80 (flat rate)


<25: $95
25-49: $120
>80: $200+ – Please call for more info.


Cats: $60 (flat rate)


<25: $85
25-49: $100
50-80: $115
>80: $150 – Please call for more info.


Umbilical hernia repair  +$35+
Detached dewclaw removal  +$25+
Feline cryptorchid +$35+
Canine inguinal cryptorchid +$35+
Canine abd. cryptorchid +$100+
Declaws $200

 + indicates price will increase with size and difficulty of procedure.  All surgeries include a pre-surgical wellness exam, a 24 hour NSAID injection, and 3 days of pain medication to continue at home.  Surgeries must be dropped off between 8:30-9:30 am the day of surgery.  They should not eat after midnight before surgery.   General good health is required.  Lab work will be required on any pet over 7 years at an additional cost of $60

Lab work (Add price to Surgery)


Preanesthetic Blood Work $80
Full Lab Work $180
Full Sr. Lab Work (includes extensive blood testing including a thyroid test and urinalysis) $200

Contact us for information on all our lab work options.

In House Exams $40
Skin Scrapings  $35
Ear Cytology  $25
Previous Record Review $20
House Calls start at $300

 TNR (Feral Cats) – $50 *All cats must be in a trap or cat carrier/kennel, only 1 cat per trap/carrier* This is not only for the safety of the cat but also for our staff 

All feral cats will receive a Rabies and FVRCP vaccine, ear mite treatment, a 24 hour NSAID injection, and one dose of buprenorphine.  Left ear will be tipped at the time of surgery.  It is recommended when possible a TNR cat be kept for at least 24 hours in a trap to allow it to recover enough to perform it’s day to day activities safely when freed.

EVet Practice  

Evet Practice is the software we use.  You can get your pet’s vaccine history through this company at all times.  To access your pet’s records click here or on the name above.