Prince Melvin McLuvin came from the streets of Houston and now look at him.  He is the most valuable player at RAWC.  He runs this place and that is not easy.  He takes his job a little too seriously at times though and has to be put in timeout so don’t let him get too close to your dog or cat.  He loves people but he does not love other pets.  When you are the Prince you believe you are the only one that matters.  When you used to live on the streets you also learn you need to protect yourself.

Melvin has an ear tip which makes him our ambassador to TNR.  You may see 2 other cats outside the clinic with ear tips (we TNR’d them also),  Sherbert an orange male tabby and Dutchess a black female.  Dutchess seems to be Melvin’s girlfriend.  They are so far not tame enough to pet but we are feeding them and hoping one day they will trust us more.

Melvin is sometimes outside so don’t stress out if he darts by you as you come in.  We have found it is the only way to keep the peace at the clinic sometimes.  We would prefer he stay inside for safety reasons but for the safety of the other patients it just seems to be best to let him out to blow off some steam when we get busy.