Price List (subject to change with price of goods)

Dog Vaccines

  • 1 yr Rabies $15
  • 3 yr Rabies $25
  • DHPP $15
  • Bordetella $15
  • Lepto $15
  • Canine Influenza (CIV) $25
Cat Vaccines

  • 1 yr Rabies $15
  • 3 yr Rabies $25
  • FVRCP $15
  • FELV $20

  • Microchip $20
  • Heartworm Test $25
  • Toe Nail Trim $12
  • Pyrantel Deworming $10
  • Ear Cleaning $12
  • FELV/FIV Test $35

Dog Heartworm Prevention
Tri-Heart 6 month unless stated

  • Up to 25  $35
  • 26-50  $40
  • 51-100  $45
  • Single dose $10
  • We also carry Advantage Multi for dogs $20/dose or 6 month/$100
Feline Heartworm & Flea Prevention
Advantage Multi 6 months unless stated

  • 5.1 – 9  $100
  • 9.1-18  $100
  • Single dose $20
  • Bravecto (flea and tick) 3 month application/ $45
Dog Flea and Tick Prevention
Bravecto – 3 months/tab $45

  • 4.4-9.9
  • 9.2-22
  • 22-44
  • 44-88
  • 88-123

We are also offer Interceptor Plus which is a heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention that is capable of killing tapeworms.

​Vaccine Clinic Locations

*No vaccine clinics scheduled at this time*


Thank you

We would like to send out a sincere thank you to all the businesses that have allowed us to use their facilities.  These companies have helped bring our services to many different communities.  Without them we could not do what we do.  Thank you Conroe Feeder SupplyAdvance Auto Parts Store 80088140, and 8512 and Cypresswood Court Apts.  Please help us support them the way they have helped support us.

Rain Game:  In case of sprinkles we will stay, if it starts raining cats and dogs (yep had to) we will pack it in. 

Conroe Feeder Supply

100 S. Main St.
​Conroe, TX

When getting your pet vaccinated at a clinic location we ask that you recognize the unpredictability of pets in new situations and the possibility of vaccine reactions.  Both of these events can have serious consequences.  Please keep your pet leashed or in a carrier at all times while waiting.  These clinics are often held near busy roads.  We will be happy to see cats in cars.  When an animal is stressed it can unintentionally harm itself or others including it’s owner. Safety is our main concern and muzzles will be used when needed.  If your pet does have an issue post vaccines, it will need to be taken to a full service veterinary clinic or emergency clinic.  We are not responsible for any additional cost incurred as a result of these conditions.  You will be asked to sign a consent to treat and release of Rayford Animal Wellness Clinic of any responsibility if any of these conditions occur.