For a full list of our services please call. We are very excited to add dentistry and dental x-ray to our practice as well as general x-ray. We can do multiple types of lab work. Dr. Hayden is our surgeon and he enjoys spays and neuters as well as other soft tissue procedures. His wife Dr. Hill enjoys seeing appointments of all types and usually performs the house calls. In addition to our clinic cat Prince Melvin McLuvin (in the pic above) we have a wonderful staff of technicians and receptionist. Call for an appointment. Hope to see you soon.

  • Dentistry prices start at $200 and increase with severity of disease. We will need to examine your pet for an estimate.
  • X-ray cost start at $120/2 views and increase with number of views
  • House call cost start at around $150. Call for a more detailed estimate.

​House Calls​

If you have a Nervous Nelly that doesn’t like to travel or a bunch of pets you may find it easier and much more convenient to let us come to you. Call to schedule a house call: (281) 667-9360

How do House Calls Work?
Call the number above to schedule a house call. We will get all of your information and find times that are convenient for you. Then we will get all the information about your pet/pets and what he or she will need during the visit. If we have multiple house calls that day we will give you a time block to plan on. This allows you to do other things at your house until we show up. We will try to bring all of the needed things for the exam and possible treatment of your pet. Don’t forget the other pets in your household too. We can bring heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, and we can do blood work if needed. For most appointments there will be a doctor and technician visiting you.

Cost and Payment
House call prices will start at $150. We accept cash, check, and credit cards. When you call we can get together an estimate for the services you mention at scheduling. If additional services are needed during the exam they will be added to the total.

How will I get my records?
We use eVet cloud based software. After the visit you will be able to see your pets vaccine records online anytime if you give us an active e-mail address. We can also e-mail you the record of the visit from that day to keep in your records.

Will house calls work for all pets?
Not all. We hope by coming to your home your pets will be calmer than at the veterinary clinic and will allow better exams with less stress for you and your pet. But if your pet is very aggressive or territorial or has a time sensitive condition, home exams may not work. Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure unless we try it so give us a call and let’s see if we can help make you and your pet’s lives easier. (281)667-9360